I have always been at home behind the lens of a camera. When I was 5 my mom bought me my first one. I later became her assistant and if she double booked a wedding I would have to go on my own. I relocated and started a family but the camera was never out of reach but not professionally.

Now, years later my son is racing go karts. The first track he raced at was Woodleaf Speedway and after Anita saw some of the photos I had taken of him she asked if I would be their track photographer. Since my family loves racing you never know what track I'll be at.

I also go to all the home games at Winkler Middle School and donate a percentage of all Winkler Sales back to the athletic department.

If you would like something special, Books, Collages, Calendars, Text Added contact me at 704-784-9813 or kmcampbell96@gmail.com and I'll get what your looking for.

I can still hand deliver your photos if you prefer not to order on line. Follow me on facebook simply click any of the facebook icons and you'll be brought directly to my page.

I regularly add albums to my facebook page for you to share your make your profile pictures.

Thank you